The Word Café Podcast with Amax

S1 Ep. 68 The FemalePrenuer

April 13, 2022 Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa Season 1 Episode 68
The Word Café Podcast with Amax
S1 Ep. 68 The FemalePrenuer
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Show Notes

 Who is the business space for in the true sense? Traditionally thinking has come to bequeath this space to men and, somehow, denies women the opportunity to express that God-given talent and gifts in fulfilling the God-given mandate of Dominion. So often, when the subject of entrepreneurship is mentioned, what comes to our minds are men carrying out business functions.

There is an exception to this thinking. In the recent past, we have seen women rising to that occasion, and they are referred to as Femaleprenuers.  

Fempreneurs are women who have taken to entrepreneurship, and the needed support diligently carries out the function to their fullest potential.

At the Word Café Podcast, we have noticed and celebrated such women, and one that has come to make a strong impression on us is Audrey Joe-Ezigbo.

She is one of the Judges in Season 2 of #LionsDenNigeria. An entrepreneur who has distinguished herself in the business landscape in Nigeria and Africa at large. She has built a thriving business alongside her husband within the oil and gas space.

Audrey Joe-Ezigbo is an Award-Winning, Transformational Business Leader and Gas Executive, Mentor, author, and a double impact coach.

She is the Deputy Managing Director of Falcon Corporation Limited, a company that she co-founded with her husband in 1994. 

In over 27 years of existence, Falcon has grown into the LDC of choice in Nigeria’s domestic Gas Sector. The Falcon brand has become an award-winning, wholly indigenous mid-and downstream Energy, Natural Gas Distribution, and LPG Trading company in Africa, enabling the deployment of Natural Gas and LPG as drivers of economic growth and industrialization.

Her entrepreneurial and industry expertise has led her to receive many prestigious awards, recognitions, and appointments, such as:

  • Lagos Business School Distinguished Alumni Award 2018
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year West Africa Award 2014 
  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Award
  • Listed on the 2021 Power Woman 100 list in the Oil & Gas category
  • Recognized among the 100 Outstanding Female Executives in the African Oil & Gas Industry in 2021
  • Recognized as one of 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria 2019 by Leading Ladies Africa
  • Appointed as Advisory Board Member, Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan-Atlantic University (PAU)
  • Designated as Advisory Board Member, Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) – PAU
  • 1st female President of Nigerian Gas Association (NGA)
  • Fellow of the Energy Institute
  • Founding Member Women in Energy Network (Wien) 
  • Member & Global Role Model of Women in LPG (WiNLPG) Nigeria chapter
  • Member, Nigeria Content Development & Monitoring Board (NCDMB) NCCF Diversity Sectoral 
  • Working Group
  • Member Executive Council of Women in Management, Business & Public Service (WIMBIZ
  • Immediate Past Chair, Wimbiz Capital (WIMCAP) and Membership & Programs Committees

It is an honour to have her feature on the Word Café Podcast to share her story and humble beginnings. Her story is nothing but an inspiration. 

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