The Word Café Podcast with Amax

S1 Ep. 49 Time Out with Mr. Foluso Phillips PART 1

December 01, 2021 Amachree Isoboye Afanyaa Season 1 Episode 49
The Word Café Podcast with Amax
S1 Ep. 49 Time Out with Mr. Foluso Phillips PART 1
Show Notes

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. Proverbs 11:4

This is one verse of Scripture that gets me thinking, like seriously. It points to the importance learning, having teachers, a good one that is and also been open to receiving good and wise counsel. 

As opined by Ndubuisi Ekekwe ‘Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did not drop out of school – they upgraded from the mass educational system to another type that is more premium! 
 But admission into that one requires having a great product vision which makes it harder; getting the cut is not for dropouts but visionaries transiting into a new domain.
 Yes, instead of sharing a Harvard professor with dozens of students, you have one as an executive coach.’

So indeed, your all round safety is hinged on the quality of Counselors (Coaches) in your corner, to help you see, hear and receive insights to subjects which seems very far from the ordinary eyes, because they have somehow experienced it first hand and all you need to do now is just ride on their experience and create that desired future.

On this 49th episode of the Word Café Podcast, I sat down with someone who is no stranger to the socioeconomic landscape of Nigeria and has created so much value and impacted the lives of so many. His name is Mr. Foluso Phillips

Mr. Foluso Philips is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Phillips Consulting Limited, a firm engaged in business and management consulting, with offices in Nigeria and South Africa. He joined the Board of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc as a non-executive director on 12th March, 2014.

He is a qualified Industrial Economist, a Chartered Management Accountant of the United Kingdom, and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. He brings with him experience and expertise in finance, business management, enterprise development and macro-economic policy management.

Mr. Phillips who is very active in the Nigerian corporate scene sits on many boards as a director, trustee or shareholder of commercial organizations, NGOs and charities. He is the Chairman, Nigeria Economic Summit Group; Chairman, Nigeria/South Africa Chamber of Commerce; Chairman, Interbrand Sampson West Africa; and Chairman, Web Liquid West Africa. Mr. Phillips also serves as Director, Special Olympics of Nigeria; Director, Vigeo Holdings (a Power & Energy company in Nigeria); advisory board member, Africa Leadership Academy (an African Leadership Senior School based in Johannesburg).

He is a prolific speaker, who has addressed many international business seminars and conferences including Wharton Business School and Harvard Business School both in U.S.A., Business in Africa’s Leadership Summit in South Africa and several other leadership conferences, business and trade summits across Africa and Europe.

It was quite fulfilling sharing the same space with Mr. Foluso Phillips and having lunch and listening to his stories which came with so many lessons, such wisdom, such calmness, such simplicity and down to earth personality. Our conversation was fruitful and inspiring

 If diamonds are forever, such moments are eternal.

 Now I know why he said, you need Priscilla and Aquila in your corner

 Don't forget, your feet should always be on the ground where they belong in the voice of Mr. 

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